#25- Payment Gateway Integration-2

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How can a student pay their fees and get a receipt? We will use the Payumoney payment gateway.

Download Souce Code:

Use Code “TS100VD” For Free

In this project, we will create 4 panels (Admin panel, Teacher Panel, Student Panel, and Parent panel).
Admin Panel Features:
1. Managing User accounts (teacher, student, parent)
2. Managing classes, subjects
3. Managing class routine
4. Managing exams, grades
5. Managing exams, marks
6. Sending exam marks via SMS
7. Managing student’s attendance
8. Managing accounting, income, and expenses
9. Managing school events
10. Managing library, dormitory, and transport
11. Messenging between other users
12. Managing system setting (general, SMS, language)

Teacher Panel Features:-
1. Managing students
2. Managing exams, marks
3. Provide study materials/files to students
4. Managing attendance

Student Panel Features:-
1. Get class routine
2. Get exam marks
3. Get attendance status
4. Get study materials/files from teachers
5. Get payment invoice, pay online
6. communicate with the teacher

Parent Panel Features:-
1. Get children marks
2. Get children payment invoices
3. Get children class routine
4. communicate with the teacher

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Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma
28 days ago

video 25 is code problem in not running payment

so source code provide in video 25

please sir

Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma
28 days ago

Pay u in Merchant key and solt key is not working so
please help me sir

Raman Sharma
Raman Sharma
26 days ago
Reply to  TechnoStudy

Jii. Sir